How to Afford Games When Your Cash Flow is Low

Mister Raroo returns with his regular 'Game Time' column to discuss how his personal finances no longer permit him to buy games in the same quantity as he used to - and why that isn't necessarily a bad thing, given the multitude of choices and alternatives available to today's gamer.

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cmrbe3629d ago

Just put 20 bucks aside every payday and you won't struggle to buy games when they come out.

LossTheEarthbreaker3629d ago

It's a tad more complicated than that in the real world.

I suggest all of you read the entire article.

There are a lot of good suggestions. Some you won't agree with, some you'll find you already are doing. Just take it all into account the next time you want to buy a brand-new game.

JsonHenry3629d ago

Umm... GAMEFLY?! Anyone heard of it?

deeznuts3629d ago

I make a good salary ... but I use gamefly. I don't play a game ever after I beat it. I dont' game online, and don't have time for gaming too much with work, GF, and weekends (out drinking).

With the money I save, it funds my bad habit of upgrading my TV every six months.

lsujester3629d ago

Does anyone else realize that articles like this must make game publishers cringe. LOL

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beoulve3629d ago

when your cash flow is low, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't buy games at all. Borrow games from friend and be nice, return it.

pcgia3629d ago

yeah it's not the games that are that hard to save and buy, it's the damn hardware to run em

Chuck Norris3629d ago

It's the other way around actually. I've spent more money on games than on hardware.

lsujester3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

But games are incremental expenses, while consoles are one huge expense. I can save 60 for a game much quicker than I can save 500 for the system to run it on.

I personally borrow and rent most of the games I play. The only ones I tend to buy are either something I can play online for a good while COD4 or something that is part of a series I already have, like MGS4 or DMC4. Plus I make sure that for my birthday and at Christmas, I get at least one new game.

Vicophine3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )


At least half of my PS3 games I buy on eBay, saved me probably at least $100 so far.

LossTheEarthbreaker3629d ago

No joke. Even trying to buy a brand-new you can likely get it cheaper than in the store.

Sitdown3629d ago

on amazon as well........sometimes I have found items cheaper on amazon than ebay.....and did not have to get into a bidding war.

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