Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros. DLC Impressions – SOLDIER Comes to Smash

Cloud bursts his way into the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and he''s bringing all of Midgar with him. Check out the full impressions of Cloud in Super Smash Bros!

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DiscoKid938d ago

That's "Ex-SOLDIER" to you.

Venomousfatman937d ago

He'll always be Solider 1st Class :P

HisRoyalFlyness938d ago

To br brutally honest, I'm more interested in seeing in how Bayonetta plays

wonderfulmonkeyman936d ago

I'm not a huge Cloud fan, either, but I'm glad he's in due to what it might signify more than because of the character himself.

Though I will admit; being able to re-enact that Death Battle episode is definitely a treat that I welcome.

Cloud makes a good punching bag.XD

But yeah, I'm also much more interested in Bayonetta.
She's going to be my female main to complement my male main Link; Zelda's gonna have to take a back seat.XD

franwex936d ago

He is okay as a fighter. I was super surprised when they announced it and I am glad they were able to pull it off. Besides Ryu and Cloud I don't really care about other DLC fighters.

Lighter9936d ago

I just hope this means Square and Nintendo will make another great game together. Super Mario RPG sequel or not.