Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC Gets 30FPS Cloth Physics Fix

Ubisoft finally added a fix for Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC, freeing cloth physics which was previously stuck to 30FPS.

Here's how to implement it.

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matgrowcott1063d ago

Any improvements are welcome, but it would have been nice for this to have not been an issue.

Kalebninja1063d ago

A was wondering why they looked so weird.

Alexious1063d ago

Indeed, I can't imagine how they didn't notice this during testing...

Imp0ssibl31063d ago

I mean Ubisoft has an army of programmers, it could have been forgiven if it was just a small Indies developer...This is just lazy work

LavaLampGoo1063d ago

I always wonder if these are noticed and fixed a little sooner...

audiocafe1063d ago

Glad they finally fixed that, it was distracting.

1062d ago
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