Violent Video Games on Impressionable Young Minds

Tara Peterson writes: "My oldest son and I were on one of our Sunday walks when the question- "why can't I play the video games my friends can play," came up. Of course I knew he was referring to the violent, shoot 'em up kinds, which are absolutely forbidden in our house, but I decided to turn this into an impressionable conversation.

The road we live on is a beautiful country road that winds through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Everywhere you look there are sprawling hills and beautiful vegetation. There are many horse farms and other forms of wildlife which further enhances the beauty of the landscape. I stopped in front of one of the many 50 acre horse farms and began to paint a picture for my son."

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HeroOfCows3654d ago

I'm very glad my parents weren't like this. Then again, I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons, but I could play GTA. Hooray for ignorance!

laid2rest3653d ago

im glad my mum wasnt a doosch like this kids mother is.

Serjikal_Strike3652d ago

But then, What if this kid does something stupid later on as he's getting older and the parents come out and spread it all over the media that their kid commited a crime due to playing video games (GTA4)?Its bad enough already that people think that a majority of violence is from kids playing video games!

InMyOpinion3652d ago

I think your social heritage, or what you call it, is much more deciding. Under what circumstances you grow up and in what neighborhood etc.

Vicophine3652d ago

My mom was similar, but enough nagging, and explaining to them that you can comprehend that video games are "fiction" was enough for my parents.

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