Short Pause Podcast #53: Hideo Kojima Is Free From Konami's Death Grip; Our Favorite Games Of 2015

Short Pause: "Welcome to the Short Pause year-end extravaganza! Brent, Ben, and Frankie come together one last time in 2015 to discuss the latest and greatest in the industry, as well as the year that was in the world of gaming. The topics this week include:

- Kojima is Free - After a tumultuous year as an employee of Konami, Kojima is finally free from the clutches of his former employer. His first move? Resurrect Kojima Productions and announce a new partnership with Sony that will see his new company's first game launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The fellas discuss this huge win for Sony.

- Nintendo's Final Smash Bros. Direct - Fire Emblem's Corrin and Bayonetta are the final characters to join the Smash Bros. roster, while Cloud's moveset and Midgar-themed stage are detailed in the final Nintendo direct of 2015. Is Bayonetta really the character gamers wanted to see win the character fan vote?

- 2015 Year-in-Review - The fellas announce their top games of 2015....

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TheDude791086d ago

First and foremost..."**** YEAH! So happy that Kojima is free from those pricks from Konami, maybe now they will wither and die...oh wait, they're are posting job listings for a "New Metal Gear"...LMFAO...that' s cute

Secondly: What a year for gaming, such a vast variety of great games; a solid mixture of sequels and new IP's. I just hope I can find time to play them all and see most of them through to the end, because 2016 doesn't appear to be letting up whatsoever.

Lastly: **** You, Konami!

tazmeah1086d ago

I'm very happy to see Kojima-san is no longer locked down by the tyrants at Konami, but the rescue operation can't stop we need some of these other publishers to make deals with Konami to buy the rights to the Castlevania and Silent Hill franchises. I respect Kojima big time, but I'm also a huge fans of those other series, and I'm concerned with how Konami will use them going forward. Clearly they are out of touch with not just developers, but with gamers as well. I'm sure it would cost a ton of money, but I would much rather see those two franchises in more capable hands at this point.

piccolo9301086d ago

I agree wholeheartedly! Castlevania and Metal Gear are two of my favorite franchises ever! Someone needs to jump in there and rescue these beloved franchises from the clutches of Konami's iron grip. Would love to see someone like Moon Studios or Drinkbox tackle a Castlevania if one of these big publishers can get their hands on the franchise.

Vyprstryke1086d ago

So happy Kojima has escaped the evil clutches of Konami!