Hooked Gamers: Leisure Suit Larry Preview

Just knowing that this is a LSL game, you shouldn't be surprised by whatever content comes your way. This time around, having graduated from college, Larry Lovage goes to work at Uncle Larry's Hollywood movie studio. The task that Uncle Larry tosses his way is to hunt down and neutralize a mole on the staff that is feeding the gossip rags in town all of the dirty laundry available on the studio's stars, staff, and crew.

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Surfman3478d ago

what about this game? its coming on PSNetwork Store or something?

GamerMan3478d ago

page 2 ...
"It seems obvious that Sierra is hoping to bring LSL back to where it belongs - making them lots of money. To facilitate that, they're hanging a $59.99 price tag on it, wrangling another "M for Mature" ESRB rating, and releasing the game on as many platforms as they can manage."

Now figure out what that means .. HINT: most likely not a PSN title.

thebudgetgamer3478d ago

these arent the best made games but damm they are fun

proArchy3478d ago

I miss the sprite graphics though. Some things are just better pixelated, like exploding in a smoldering ball of green puss after banging a back alley hooker without protection.