PES 2009 promises, but can it deliver?

Let's face it the annual PES vs FIFA battle is even more predictable and dull than the Premiership. Everyone knows that FIFA will be polished and sexy but ultimately come second to the on pitch beauty of PES. But could this year finally see the tide turning in FIFA's favour?

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Harry1903778d ago

PES will not progress. Next year PES will make a gret comeback,I am sure of it. This year is Fifa's year.

arakouftaian3778d ago

I'm from LA california , n I have fun like every year but this is not a next GEN game n this new one will not be a new gen game n that sad :( becuz I have been play PES for over 6 years. But this year will be the firt time I will not buy it n play it meybe if I find it used n in a chip price tag meybe I will buy it so this year will be my firt year whit out playing soccer n I fell sadn n I don't see fifa like a real soccer game they [email protected];ck big time n thas even more sad, but the creator of PES said that we will have 2 years of W/E soccer n then we will see a real next gen I hope exclusive for PS3 n pc blue_ray dics