NCsoft announces three 'casual MMOs'

NCsoft has announced that it has three 'casual MMOs' in production to help it capture a new section of the market. The company plans to begin Beta testing for Love Beat, Punch Monster, and Dragonica this year.
Speaking following the announcement of the company's financial results for Q2 – in which it reported $5.9 million profit – the firm's CFO Jaeho Lee said:

"In order to maintain our ongoing development cycles and a diverse game portfolio, multiple games are in development currently across all NCsoft studios.
"We anticipate publishing these new titles within the next two to three years, during which we believe we'll maintain NCsoft's status as a leader in the global on-line game market."

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NewSchoolGamer3629d ago

Ncsoft is a grindfest developer anyway. Chances are the Ps3 MMo will suck and this is coming from a Ps3 only owner.

Jeremy Clarkson3629d ago

Here's hoping for WoW2 on consoles :/