Wii MotionPlus and exclusivity no more?

"With six degrees of freedom you can basically make any movement at all, and be able to track that in combination with the sensor bar and other sensors included in the Wii remote. Add the gyroscope capability and you have the ability to work in all three dimensions of space."

A refreshing statement from Joe Virginia, vice-president of the company that brings us MotionPlus for Wii, InvenSense.

Read on to see the statement possibly saying Wii MotionPlus isn't just for Nintendo

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ChickeyCantor3776d ago

It was already stated that the TECH in M+ was not exclusive to Nintendo.
So it's obvious that others can make use of it too.

MazzingerZ3775d ago

the sensor bar = NO FREEDOM

Nintendo went even cheap there...if you are out of range the controls just don't work that's the main reason for all the accidents, players must play really close to each other in order to be within the sensor bar doesn't matter how much space you have that restricts you...

When I played Metroid Corruption I had to move my couch closer to the TV as the cursor sometimes got lost...IMO Wii controls for Metroid Corruption made it the best FPS experience last year hands down...I just wish Nintendo had supported Bluetooth instead...with the PS3 controllers I can play from any position, from the second floor if I want to...the X360 contollers lost connection as soon as I left the leaving room

ChickeyCantor3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Go into your Wii options and set the value higher for the Sensorbar sensitivity.(basically giving the IR lights more power).
This way you don't have to move your couch.

Also you can not compare The IR function with what Sixaxes does.
You dont even need the Sensorbar to play games that dont need the Ir functionality.

You need some reference to where your pointer is and thats the two IR lights in your sensorbar(with 2 of them Wii can see where the "middle" is)
If im not mistaken even the Gun that comes with Time crisis on the Ps3 has some sort of Sensor bar.
Bluetooth is'nt going to help in this matter and walking out of the room while you need to point at the screen is not going to be usefull.(actually all your other buttons will work your Cursor wont show up because its not seeing any lights)

Voiceofreason3775d ago

Wii remotes use Blue tooth... Why dont you actually go play a Wii for once.. Seriously its obvious you havent, and get some kind of real clue how it works.

kesvalk3775d ago

i am pretty sure that i played smash bros from at least 15 meters of distance, if you need more than that...

Product3775d ago

wii remote does have bluetooth.the sensor bar is there for ir pointing purposes.

MazzingerZ3775d ago

Correct. I had written a longer post and when I edited didn't bother re-checking, I'm at work you know :)...I had written that I wish it supported some other technology to detect position rather than infrared...something similar to how the bluetooth has advantages over infrared wireless devices...something built-in that doesn't demand you to stand in front of the tv within a range

The sensor-bar feels just not right and we will laughing at it within some years. I compare it to the remote controls wired to the TVs of the past.

Voiceofreason3775d ago

I think it more likely that you have never played a WIi and got caught at it, so rather than just admit it you spin it around to make it sound like you mean to say it that way. Fact is my Wii works 20ft from the TV. Yes I do have to stand in front of it but even if I was playing a PS3 or 360 game I would need to be in front of the TV, or do you play all your games from from behind the TV? Oh and the sensor bar is not used in every game. Its just hard to take someone serious who knows so little about how the Wii actually works.

MazzingerZ3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

LOL if that was true I wouldn't be posting again. I try to keep a good level of conversation and this is what I get...I should just have ignored the thread and not to explain anything. On the Wii I've only played Zelda, SuperMario Galaxy, Metroid 3 and other words only the good games and as you can see the sensor bar was required...I'm getting rid of it as it's not really used. I don't need to prove you anything.

I have my PS3 hooked to the TV in the living room and to the one in the room. If my kids want to watch TV I just go to the other room thanks to the magic of the bluetooth and sixaxis I can play there any type of game without having the PS3 physically in the room, headset works also just fine...Wii can't do that (forget about headsets) nor the X360.

For you in your room (I assume you are like 12-15) the Wii might work ok, not for me.

N4g_null3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@MazzingerZ so your getting rid of the Wii because it won't work in the other room?

You do know the Wii motes work with blue tooth also right?

Well your not hardcore enough are you?Just playing if you need help IM me. I'm all about home projects in the name of gaming and cool PC set ups! They make wireless sensor bars and actually you could make your own. If you ran all your cables to another room ten your set. If you wall fished them then good luck with that LOL.

The Wii mote works fine just like the PS3 if you have a wireless sensor bar or a source for your IR lights. Me and my brother are setting up a Wii projection wall in his spare room with a custom made adjustable sensor bar with in the wall with an a cool NES design style. We are almost done too. Pretty fun project too since he got a second Wii with his 32ingh LCD. We get a lot of leeway with the lady in our lives because they have nothing to complain about seriously. Gutting a room is just fine as long as she has her own to do the same.

You should really try some other games it basically goes like this if you have played every thing at block buster than you are missing out. For some reason some stores do not have a lot of good Wii games. Play res evil Wii make, excite truck, no more heros, BWii, the new madden trust me it's fun with the Wii mote and nun-chuck. I know you have kids so I'm trying to not get too hardcore on you but no more heros needs to be your game LOL. Another thing is some of the VC games are sweet but very hard. Your kids will take close to 6 months to beat them or to get good at old school gaming. It would be cheaper than trying to wow them to like HD gaming because like every one else they hate watching HD games. Plus too nothing is going to beat sin and punishment on a frigging wall! If you want to try it I can give you the spec for the lights and the projector he bought for the project. It hard work but better than using you wood shop to make chairs with only.

Plus too there have been lots of new games released N4G is an ok site but their is a reason why people don't submit Wii news because these forums suck LOL because of all the fanboys.

MazzingerZ3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"wireless sensor bar"...that's what I'm talking about...why didn't they ship one of those instead? because they went cheap, just like the nunchuk wired to the should be wireless.

Thank you for your suggestions, it sound like a blast..but after owning all consoles, I find more values on the PS3, games, BR, PSN games, line-up and the most important, I pay only once for the console, it's the only console of all 3 that hasn't demanded anything more from me other than feeding it with games...built-in batteries, wi-fi, upgradable HD, Universal BT headest support,etc,etc eveything is there rather than being sold in parts.

X360 is launching new SKUs all the time, HDMI output, new chipset, bigger HD, XBL fees, MS points denominations are a rip off, play&charge kits, wi-fi not built in, etc...the Wii launches 1st party titels every 4 months and now introduced new accessories that you'll need to buy sooner or later as games will use them and I'm very sure an external HDD will also be out soon...those are the "news" for MSFT and NINTENDO but not really important for gamers, I want games not to be informed how they gonna make more money

The Wii is the one gets played less, I'm aware there are some other good games out there but my kids likes the PS3 control better as they used it with the PS2. Honestly I don't feel I'm missing much...all games are casual for me, it's been a hobby that started 30 years ago with the PONG and in that sense hasn't changed much...Gears, COD4, MGS4, FFXIII, Ratchet&Clank, etc all of them are just games...and I want them to entertain me rather that put me to work to be able to enjoy's actually the first time I don't own all the consoles of one generation, it's different today with kids and I'm happy owning only a PS3.

ps. I just made a hole in the living room wall...the cable is just 3 meters and I use a switch, not big deal.

ps1. Yeah, I'm surprised of the lack of wii news...too many X360/PS3 fanboys perhaps..not funny to post something if people will bash the game

N4g_null3773d ago

Hey what ever floats your boat. Your I don't want to work to play a game pretty much sums up why people don't like the VC and gaming in general. Before you know it gaming will just be a different way to watch DVDs or blu rays. I use a sick upscaller for my old stuff and My Wii is on a DLP the other one is going on the projector with a PC hell I'm going to try the white board trick to have Zbrush on the wall! Should be fun but I'll need a hack for pressure though.

I did an experiment a long time ago. Letting kids play the first mario, mario2, and mario 3 along with all the games I could play and beat. What was funny was I can get very far in a game like super ghouls and ghosts and we used the you loose you past the controller. You know they played that game for 2 weeks straight? That game is nails hard but I got so far that they would not stop until they got just as far. The same thing with bionic commando. I just gave them my old systems since I have these game on the Wii now and more. More kids grow up playing Gb or ds games than any system and every one knows the PS controller is the worst of them all.

Seriously get some IR lights that's all you need and a power supply. Don't burn down your house though LOL. The light don't need too much power.

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Iceman100x3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Without a remote who else can use this shi*?

"wii remote does have bluetooth.the sensor bar is there for ir pointing purposes."

Exactly whoever wrote this is either stupid or blind as the wii is the only revolutionary system out there to use such things.

jorgeanaya0003775d ago

Isn't this an old article? Why do people keep reposting the same information?

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