Worthplaying Preview: Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy

WP reports:

''If Nostradamus had been alive today, he'd probably be featured in late-night infomercials complete with his own toll-free number to tell you who to fall in love with, when fortune might strike, and where to be when the world ends. In reality, he was a practicing physician during the 16th century who led a life filled with service to ordinary folks (and the royal family), someone who was trained in science and would probably be the last person you'd expect to begin spouting predictions of the future. The reputed seer has been subject to the whims of history and fiction ever since his words have been interpreted in predicting the death of kings and the starts of wars. Whether or not you believe that Nostradamus had the gift of foresight, Microids' upcoming adventure Nostradamus: The Lost Prophecy takes a few liberties with history to introduce his world to players who are eager for a little puzzle-solving.

Nostradamus takes place in 1566 as Nostradamus' health is worsening when Catherine de Medici, the Queen Mother to King Charles IX of France, unexpectedly visits his home during a royal tour of the country. Concerned that one of his prophecies may be coming true and wishing to change its outcome, she requests his help. Unable to attend to the challenge himself, Nostradamus promises to send his son, Cesar, in his stead. What Catherine doesn't know, however, is that Cesar is away on a trip so the seer instead turns to his daughter, Madeleine, whose keen mind is a match for his own.''

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