Official Warriors Orochi 2 character list

Warriors Orochi 2 will have the largest number of characters ever seen in the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series of games, with a total of 94 playable characters.

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LastDance3658d ago

can some1 tell koei that bigger doesnt mean better. they cant figure out how to make a game decent so they just add more people in it. all they need is a more intricate battle system or SOMETHING to create more depth. Any1 with half an imagination could think a new idea to keep the series fresh.

and fire all their voice actors. Is it too hard to ask for a bit of depth. Online mode perhaps? 4 player co op? or the ability for you and a friend to fight on seperate teams..or create your own battle or something?....anything?.

who am i kidding.. ofcourse they wont because that would involve actually working.