One month later: Google Lively? Not so much

Google's Lively is a platform for web-based, 3D chat rooms that can be easily embedded in any site or blog. It launched as a rough prototype, and there doesn't appear to be a lot going on in most of the rooms.

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sak5003778d ago

Welcome to home. Same thing will happen to it.

pwnsause3778d ago

"The Bots Are Coming! The Bots Are Coming!" -Paul Revere

Drekken3778d ago

What purpose does this website serve that is even close to HOME. You stupid xbots really annoy me. If it wasnt for the garbage outdated hardware in the 360 holding me back from buying on, the MS fanboys sure as hell would!

BIGELLOW3778d ago

If the goal of Lively is to simulate real life, it must be doing a good job. Just look outside. Most people are just trying to walk from point A to point B. Rarely do people actually "hang out" anymore. If they do, it's in their respective homes. So, checking the success of Lively by looking at its public rooms is like checking the success of Earth by looking out on the street. Even when people go to public places where lots of people are gathering, they do so with the expectation that they will only be sitting with a few select people at a table and they expect to have privacy there.

I suspect Home to be the same. To some degree, some minor social interaction will take place. However, for the most part, people will use it to organize their private groups to hop into a game. And, for this, it should be pretty well suited.

Fishy Fingers3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

So how long until people start claiming the same will happen to Home? Even though functionally, aesthetically and practically they are completely different.

Either way, I'm not surprised this failed. If PC users want to participate in a 3D social networking site they'd use Second Life. Or chat room wise, something like Yahoo Pool.

Drekken3778d ago

Home has a point. This does not.

There is NO comparison.

Chubear3778d ago

Exactly 38 minutes before you even posted this comment apparently. XD
Check Open ZONE, that way>>>>

sak5003778d ago

@ fishy

SHud have checked open zone before commenting

Fishy Fingers3778d ago

Why, it more than likely contains nothing that would interest me.

doshey3778d ago

it doesnt its just sak being his old dumb self

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