I Am Alive takes "more realistic approach to survival," says DarkWorks

DarkWorks founder Guillaume Gouraud has told VG247 that I Am Alive - the Ubisoft survival horror rumoured and then debunked as Jade Raymond's new game - is set to renew the genre with realism.

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Relcom3778d ago

always wanted to do that. . . .

What? just me?

hunter213778d ago

dude thats nasty.... anyways it sound like a similar story with "i am legend" book/film. hope not

fopums3778d ago

Man vs Wild anyone? pee drinking could be the least of your problems :X

even though its obvious a dev would never put that stuff in a game lol, and is this somthing where you just try to navigate a city wrecked by an earthquake?

no zombies? vampires? crackheads?

Kilzombie3778d ago

I hope zombies and vampires do not appear in this game. I like the "real world" survival horror aspect. Crackheads maybe, but no paranormal stuff!

PistolPumptMonk3778d ago

Yeah and Assassin's Creed is completely open and non-repetitive. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I'll believe what they say about this game when and ONLY WHEN I play it.

Freak of Nature3778d ago

Won't be at the GC???......Well then why did the USK already rate the Games Convention trailer?