Giant Bomb Preview: Legendary The Box

GB reports:

''I wanted to get excited about the mythologically themed first-person shooter Legendary when I first heard about it last year. The premise sounds neat enough: you're a cat burglar who's sprung Pandora's Box and loosed all its unpleasantness on the poor unsuspecting world, so now you've got to trot the globe and deal with it.

But Legendary's developer, Spark Unlimited, hasn't posted the best track record in its short lifespan. Neither of its past two first-person shooters--the last-gen Call of Duty installment Finest Hour or this year's alternate-history World War II game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty--were worth much attention (or so says the review mill; I didn't play them). Turning Point leaned on its own unique what-if premise, in which the victorious Germans steered their path of conquest straight into the United States via an invasion of 1950s New York. An interesting setup didn't excuse Turning Point's bland plotting and blander gameplay, apparently.

While giving a demo of the PlayStation 3 version of Legendary, publisher Gamecock's CEO Mike Wilson was quick to stress that an entirely different team is making Legendary than the one that built Turning Point, so I'm willing to grant that maybe the third time's the charm for Spark. I saw the game's introductory level--where you bust into a museum and inadvertently let all those mystical beasties out of the box--and one later-game mission that's got you fighting off an assault on a base by a bunch of werewolves and griffins (you know, those things you spent too many hours flying around on in World of Warcraft).''

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