Why A Theatrhythm Star In Smash Makes Sense

It seems odd that a Kingdom Hearts character is in Super Smash Bros, but work with me here.

So last week, the newest character for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS was announced. This made a lot of people upset and was widely regarded as a bad, or at least questionable move. Cloud Strife - the spiky haired swordsman of Final Fantasy VII infamy – came into the Smash Bros roster like a bat out of hell, leaving scorched message boards in his wake.

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alti940d ago

learned a new word. Already decided I'll never use it.

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Shinox940d ago

Calling him a "Theatrhythm" star now huh ?
is that the best thing you could pull from being a cheap side character in these games .. oh wait you can't pull anything other than being a requested character from the desperate fanboys who requested him on the SSB "ballot" , you Nintendo apologists are something else , pathetic and has no reasoning whatsoever (⌐■_■)

user8966828939d ago

Wait a minute so just because Cloud made an appearance in kingdom hearts he's a kingdom hearts character now idiot

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