New Sims 3 Screenshots, Site Redesign and Developer Blog

EA has just updated their entire Sims 3 website adding some brand new screenshots for the anticipated sequal to the best selling PC game.

NOTE: You may need a "VIP" account to access the blog so the whole entire blog will be copied here.

"Hi, I am Rod Humble, Head of The Sims Studio and I am excited about the great work that is going on with The Sims 3. As a VIP member, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about this new, next-generation game.

As we develop The Sims 3, I have to say that playing with the new Create A Sim completely captures my attention! You can hit the random button and create Sims with unique personalities, as well as incredibly varied appearances. It's hypnotic sitting there generating little beings with unique physical and mental traits. I just generated a Sim who is a computer wiz, has commitment issues, is easily impressed and can't stand art. He likes Latin Music and his Favourite food is Key Lime Pie. All of those mental traits have an impact in the game world.

He looks like this...

I think I am going to call him Wolfgang

While we are still a bit out from launch next year, the expanded allows us to share what we are working on & what awaits players in The Sims 3. Look to hear from me and other members of the team in the dedicated blog section.

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