Note to EA: don't exploit the world with Rock Band 2, please

HEXUS.gaming writes:

"Whilst US consumers are eagerly awaiting Rock Band 2, we get the feeling that the rest of the world could and possibly should set its sights on Activision's similar offering, Guitar Hero: World Tour, rather than Rock Band 2 (The North American Tour). That's unless Activision decide to take a similar route to EA and shaft us as well."

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Parm3745d ago

I think I'll just stick to the next Guitar Hero!

Waited too long for Rock Band to arrive in the UK, and when it did, it was over priced. Once the pricing reached a reasonable level, Rock Band 2 was announced!

Nevermind the UK situation though, you've got to feel for the Aussies, they're still waiting for Rock Band to launch.

The next Guitar Hero might be called "World Tour" for a reason...

sa_nick3745d ago

I would expect GH:WT will be just as ridiculously priced in the UK as RB is.

Still, EA screwed up big time, which is a pity considering overall the RB franchise is better than the games Neversoft and Activision are releasing.

ropelli903743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

yesterday i contacted harmonix via e-mail and asked them about releasing RB2 in EU, this is what they told me:

"Hey there,

Thanks for writing in with a question about Rock Band 2! While we
definitely appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, at this time we have
only announced North American launch details about Rock Band 2 for the
Xbox 360. We'll definitely have some more news for you in the coming
weeks, so keep posted to for more info.
Alex Navarro
Community Development
Harmonix Music Systems, Inc."

"in the coming weeks"? not months? YEAH!!!!