8 Early Access Games That Are Worth Your Time

Early Access might be criticised, but here are some current examples of great games in Early Access on Steam.

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Takwin1087d ago

The two best games in early access I I right now are Darkest Dungeon and The Long Dark. I already gotten my money's worth out of both games and am already a satisfied customer. They have added much to both games and I'm just waiting for the final version to really dig in.

I highly recommend both games!

thetimlumb1086d ago

Darkest Dungeon was very close to going in as I really enjoyed watching it earlier in the year.

OpieWinston1087d ago

Ark and Space Engineers are a lot of fun. Space Engineers has had quite a bit of time put into it since the beginning of it's Early Access.

Space Engineers is essentially Minecraft in Space, and it's a lot of fun especially when playing against friends.

freshslicepizza1087d ago

hurtworld. it's an open world online survival game.

wreckfest. demolition derby style game made by the people who did flatout.