Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Set a Standard That'll Be Tough to Follow

Though some DLC and amiibo are still to arrive, leaving the development team with some work to finish off, it's certainly the end of an era for this generation of Super Smash Bros. The very nature of the Final Video Presentation was always going to be a tad divisive - the Fighter Ballot, in particular, had been a red hot topic for months. The confirmation that Bayonetta would complete the roster was welcomed by some and bemoaned by others, but overall the final flourish from Sakurai-san seemed apt for the series; it was full of detail, with flashes of humour and bombastic confidence.

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TuxedoMoon973d ago

The easiest thing would be just to port and improve this version for the NX Console(s). DLC may be over, but I'm sure patches will still continue. I just hope they don't turn the game into melee. I like this slower paced and lighter gameplay. It makes air battles cool.(I did highly dislike brawl!)

For Smash 5, I'd want them to add just a few more characters as well as a STORY MODE. Brawl had a nice little experiment going on, but I'd like to see a more...traditional cross over story. Maybe something like Project X zone or Super Robot Wars. In the sense that Zelda characters go to Fire Emblem world or something. Marth encounters Ganon and they exchange dialogue. They fight and Marth discovers a rift and goes through it...Something like that.

I hated the generic enemies they had in Brawl. You have tons of sources and you use rejected kirby enemies for almost everything? Really? I know it's Sakurai's game, but he should've used the vault of resources.

I don't see a smash 5 coming or even being announced anytime soon. Maybe in 2-4 years?

Dannycr973d ago

I wish Smash WiiU were just a platform to keep building upon, however, the problem is that the guess characters probably have contracts for a set number of years and after that, the contract ends and Nintendo can't use them anymore.

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Pookandpie973d ago

I said Melee would be a tough act to follow, too, but I gleefully picked up Brawl and Smash Wii U.

Honestly, Smash 4 is the most fun I've had with a Smash game since Melee, and while it's hard as hell to balance more than 58 characters, I can still imagine them doing quite a bit with the series. As someone who religiously played Smash 64, I was blown away by the additions made by Melee, Brawl, and now Smash 4. They're running 3/3 on the, "LOOK AT ALL THE NINTENDO GOODNESS WE CAN CRAM INTO A DISK" category.

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