Pocket Gamer: Top Spin 3 Review

Whilst it doesn't have much to be jealous of, the Nintendo DS must look over at the shiny PSP and its beautifully realised Virtua Tennis series and wish for a similarly refined 'real' tennis game. And Pocket Gamer doesn't mean the real tennis played by fat monarchs in 16th century courts (Google it) or anthropomorphic fuzzy animals. They mean proper tennis.

Of course, they've got nothing against the lighter, zanier examples out there. But sometimes you want something that replicates the sport a little more faithfully, that affords you nuanced controls and the chance to play as a real-life pro.

In the past, the only tennis game to come close to the fantastic Virtua Tennis on any format has been Top Spin. This is partly because it plays fairly similarly to the Sega masterpiece, but it also adds its own distinctive slant to the genre.

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