PES 2009 Key Additions

Konami has Revealed all new Features and news about PES 2009,
Here are the key points.

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Retro-Virus3627d ago

Interesting but it still doesn't tell whether you can play online with a buddy over Master League.

Epic3627d ago

I hope I am not reading this wrong...
but i like the fact that, button presses (that one executes prior to their player receiving the ball) are no longer stored in the system.

This is because before if a player's (who was about to receive the ball) situation changed (say a situation where you wanted him to 'clear-the-ball-instantly' TO a situation where he had time to control-and-pass-the-ball-out of danger) the system will clear the ball regardless...

unless you press two more buttons - but I am talking about fractions of seconds here. May help players who are new to the game... or not. It will probly give rise to other problems.

Become A Legend... Is that like what fifa has in the 08 iteration? Sounds like that 'become a captain thing fifa has' - dah well still good.

jromao3627d ago

Only problem is release date still 2 months away.

Meus Renaissance3627d ago

Screw this. I have lost faith in Konami with PES. FIFA all the way now.

Baka-akaB3626d ago

Despite major improvements in FIFA , and despite many major flaws in PES , pes's gameplay is still more interesting and less sluggish , so i'm not writing off PES yet .

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