Impressive Microsoft Application: Unwrap Mosaics Will Amaze You

Ripten writes:

"The reaction I had when I saw this video could easily be summarized as a holy shit moment. Microsoft's Unwrap Mosaics is an amazing application with the ability to fully translate video into 3D model surfaces through the use of 2D-to-2D transformation, texture maps, and object-space occlusion masks. Sound complicated? This is something you definitely have to see to believe."

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InMyOpinion3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Looks like MS is poking a finger in the eye to all those critics who say they never invent anything on their own.

@ MaximusPrime who is reporting the article - He does not have to edit anything out since he is just quoting the author.

Nostradavis3778d ago

sorry guys. i fell asleep and woke up to see this posted. didn't have time to remove the word poo poo.

Sheddi3778d ago

I like this!
this is what i want big company's to do!
with Microsoft owning billions of dollars they should invent stuff!

The Lazy One3777d ago

Watch a CES keynote once in a while. Some of the stuff you see will amaze you. (Although they may not do them anymore... :( )

They have huge RnD departments that you barely ever see if you don't look for them.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3778d ago

That creeped me out and fascinated me at the same time. It's like looking at a car accident, it's horrible but you can't look away.

titntin3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I can't imagine that this is of much interest to that many people as its got absolutely nothing to do with games at all.

For a guy who occasionally does film and advert post processing, like me, its pretty interesting though.

In terms of its 'inventiveness', mosaics are fundamentally well understood, whats new here is successfully 'unwrapping them - though its notable that this only worked is certain circumstances. Its still a nice development of an existing tool set though, and just one tool to add to arsenal for those occasions where it going be the best choice for the job.

titntin3778d ago

Lol at the disagrees from gamer fanboys with absolutely no knowledge of the post industry or process at all!
The disagrees are because I didnt' bow and go - "wow I've not seen that before?" People on this site really are pathetic...I wander why I bother to try and have a rational conversation on here at all...

Twilightx73778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

As a 3D artist, I have to inform you that you're quite wrong about it having no usefulness in the gaming industry. Those of us who model people and places for current software often need to have a level of photorealism in order for the assets to be acceptable for production, and to successfully unwrap footage of someone's body, or a face, for an artist to then manipulate and apply to an object/3d character, saves us an ENORMOUS amount of time. ILM has software similar to this, although instead of unwrapping it simply creates the models based on hundreds of photos at every angle.

So sure, it doesn't do much for the average gamer or hobbyist, but it affects how the games they play are made.

Xi3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Specially on cinematics in videogames, you can take the model animate it then apply a series of post processing effects to a flattened image, this is extremely versitile. Being able to quickly add more extra ships to scene that look like they belong there without requiring modeling or a skybox. Adding more detail on characters faces etc.

I think you're just spouting smoke, you probably do absolutely nothing with regards to what you say you do. First it was you worked as a concept artist now for film and advertising.

titntin3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

What are you talking about mate? You can do what you are saying in ANY of the 2d post effects apps available - 'shake' being an industry fave or After effects on PC or Nuke or many other post processing packages that already do that job.
I've never claimed to be a concept artist - ever. I'm a games artist and animator, and have been for over 15 years, and do just about everything EXCEPT for concept art work, but specialise in animation. I had occasion to do a big and sucessful add campaign last year involving lots of robots and digital set extensions (the Carling C2 advert) and as a result got hired to do a whole bunch of post process work on a forthcoming sci-fi film. I prefer to make games, but I'll take the contract thats on offer when I have to..

@Twilightx7 Its obvious you don't do this for a living or you would recognise that there are tons of tools available already that will unwrap a 3d object and apply photographic textures - the tech to do this has been in use more than half a decade and is routinely used on every single game I have worked on for many years.
The whole point of this particular tool, is its ability to track 3D motion from a 2D image and apply this to a 2d tracked scene whilst including 3D occlusion data. This is cool, but there several solutions for this, though more are always welcome. If all you saw was a simple unwrapped photo texture, then you simply did not comprehend what you were watching at all. No professional artist anywhere would use this tool to create a texture for a 3D model - there are far better solutions for that task.

The Lazy One3777d ago

There are programs that do it, but to say this won't be helpful is dumb. The fact of the matter is that this does it better. You don't need to have multiple pictures, and you don't have to do anything to the pictures to set it up right. You just need a video. That is a lot easier than most of the stuff available.

Also, it could do a lot for generating 3d meshes quickly based off of a video of a building once they take the warp mesh code up a notch.

There is stuff that does it, but this looks a lot easier, and that's never bad.

titntin3777d ago

Thats not true at all mate. Look at the image it produced. If you do 3d texture mapping at all, you'll know that its just not a good enough unwrap to be a substitute for a proper unwrapped 3D texture.There are loads of contours that are not unwrapped at all and the results are skewed and would be very difficult to effectively map to a 3d model.
Its coolness and relevance is ONLY applicable to editing the footage from where it was derived.
Just to explain one on the many problems with using this kind of result on a 3d surface take a look at the unwrap used as the image at the top of the post. The nose is the most obvious example so we'll look there. There is no pixel detail for the Right hand side or underside of the nose. Any attempt to use this as a texture for a 3D model would result in 'streaking' in these areas as there are no pixels to work with. As a result of the fact that the unwrap is not proper, texel density across all the contours would be uneven - the very thing you are trying to avoid when unwrapping and mapping.

I do understand the confusion here - the image produced does resemble what you are trying to achieve when you unwrap a 3D object for mapping. But its not. Its relevance is strictly limited to the footage from where it is derived.
Once again, it is a truly excellent tool. I'm not knocking it, and I'll look forward to getting my hands on it. But its a post process tool only and its composite layer results are NOT suitable for 3D mapping - at least not with out some further significant reworking in photoshop.
I'm not here to score 'brownie points' from a bunch of game frothers, but I occasionally meet some good people here and have a good debate. If I make a point about a technical matter like this, its because I'm hoping my knowledge will enlighten others.

If you still wish to claim this does something it doesn't even claim to, when its blatantly obvious that its not actually a good tool for that, then that is of course your prerogative.
However, my points are not 'dumb', they are the realistic appraisal of someone who has spent an entire adult career doing this stuff, and my opinion is offered here to help people understand what they see, not to simply rebut the words of someone I neither know or particularly care about.

dodgecity3777d ago

Tin tin, you obviously haven't a clue as to what you're talking about. Lol, the more you are proved wrong, the more snooty you get. We don't want your *bulllshit* expertise here.

titntin3777d ago

This coming from a guy who's hardly been on the site and never made any constructive contribution to the site, ever?

Fortunately, not every user on here is as totaly pathetic as you, and I have an entire PM inbox of mails from other dev's on the site and users alike, thanking me for the insightful posts I make, and urging me not to take any notice of the blithering idiots like you.

How can a brain dead 'Gamestop' sales person know even the first thing about 3D mapping? You don't. What we don't want is yet another teen age know nothing making nothing but offensive posts and not talking meaningfully about anything at all. GTFO.

The Lazy One3776d ago

I'm not saying it's perfect or that this exact thing is what would be needed. I'm talking about using it as a base platform to launch off of.

There are definitely some impressive things about the demo. I know it's lacking some major quality, but consider the possibility of the quality you could get with multiple passes over an object for importing 3d models and the textures for them. You could get an easily passable fully 3d model of a building by walking around it with a handheld camera 2-3 times. You'd have to touch up a bit definitely, and the tech is nowhere near that point for this software yet.

Just saying it's a cool thing to keep your eyes on. Imagine some game environments where the developers can actually take in the 3d and texture data for even a small part of a city. It would freak the balls out of me if I was playing a game and ran by a starbucks I frequent.

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