Lowered Expectations: Duke Nukem Forever

Is Duke Nukem Forever any better five years after its release?

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SolidGear31065d ago

I think the game was unfairly criticized because I got it at launch and enjoyed. Some reviews were downright despicable. They were chucked full of lies and everything. I had it on PS3 and had no problems with it. I hope Doom doesn't get the same unfair treatment just because it's old school.

Gwiz1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

The game had a ruff development cycle,it had been in development for 12 years (edited:15 actually lol)
i believe and that's where all the " hate " was coming from.
When you really judge the game based on what it's trying to be it's not bad.
I'm not sure if the Duke formula still works these days though,in that regard you have a great alternative called Serious Sam.

Fist4achin1065d ago

It wasn't that bad. It did feel a bit dated and I was expecting something better for having taken so long to develop.