Lucasfilm "definitely" wants to continue Star Wars 1313 in some way

Players would have assumed the role of a bounty hunter, exploring the criminal underworld of the galactic capital Coruscant.

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jay21094d ago

They can 'want' but they won't we get *^^t like Battlefront.

3-4-51093d ago

* I think they wanted to take parts of it for the Boba Fett movie, and then make this game connect to that within the Star Wars Lore to make it all cannon first.

We will see some form of this game and it connecting to the larger Star Wars universe will help it be even least IMO.

bixxel1094d ago

DOn't worry. Bioware will make Star Wars 2323, as far as I've heard.

retrogamer091093d ago

I really don't want to play another Star Wars RPG. If Bioware is gonna make it an action adventure game then I'm all for it.

Roccetarius1094d ago

I would have imagined Star Wars 1313 to be like Prey 2, but that would only have been wishful thinking. I doubt we'll see something happen with this as well.

retrogamer091093d ago

EA could easily finance it. Idk who owns the rights to it. If Lucas Arts owns it then making the game, especially now with the install base out there, is a no brainer. If EA has the right to commission the game then idk how they can't get one of their studios on it.

itsjustexuma1093d ago

Bethesda owns Prey
EA has the Star Wars rights for 15yrs but Disney owns star Wars

Sevir1093d ago

I assumed Star wars 1313 was the game Viceral would make given that Henning is leading it, but Visceral is working on a Han Solo Uncharted-esque Star wars game.