European PSN Store Update: 14th August 2008

TheSixthAxis: "Looks like it's Demo Thursday over at Sony, with playable goodies in the shape of Tiger Woods 09, FaceBreaker and Monster Madness. There's also a couple of PS1 games: Driver and Sheep, plus some Nascar 09 skins and extra tracks, if turning left 4 times a lap is your idea of fun.

Rounding off the update is a trailer for Fatal Inertia. Odd."

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cr33ping_death3655d ago

the first driver(i think) was the best

MaximusPrime3655d ago

i like first 2. the third one is ok. I havent played the rest after that.

spandexxking3655d ago

by sheep does it mean sheep, dog n wolf because i loved that game!

KS19853655d ago

There was a game called Sheep, where you have to guide a flock of (cough) sheep from point a to point b.

It is not Sheep, Dog & Wolf, but I would like to see that game on the store soon. The only Loony Toons game that is worth buying.

bullet4myv3655d ago

I didn't find facebreaker demo from the store.

riksweeney3655d ago

Don't worry, you're not missing much.

Hopefully we'll get Bionic Commando next week.

Owner360-PS33655d ago

Facebreaker is on there but it really sucks if you liked Fight Night 3 , theres no comparison.

Blackcanary3655d ago

THE A-Z search option has been add in All Games. Next lets Hope they will add a home for Demos.

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