Rumored New PS Store (US) Content for 8/14/08

This week we should be seeing the (delayed) demos for 1942: Joint Strike and EA Sports' Tiger Woods 09; maybe some Civilization Revolution content as well. But the most exciting new content has to be from Capcom. Not only do we get the PS3/PSP version of the PSone classic Street Fighter Alpha, we also get the demo and full game of Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Oh and of course it wouldn't be a Thursday on the PSN without Rock Band DLC.


Looks like there may be a demo for NHL 2K9 as well.

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Mao3624d ago

The Force Unleashed demo was this week, or is that next week? Don't know, but I really do care. Hoping that it turns out to live up to the hype. Bionic Commando FTW!!!

Fat Princess3624d ago

And yes Bionic Commando Rearmed totally took me by surprise. Very awesome indeed. It's just too bad they couldn't get out the Trophies at launch. A patch is coming and I hope it's soon. Like, very soon. Like, next week. -__-

StalkingSilence3624d ago

TalkPlaystation said that the demo will be coming out this week. Then LucasArts clarified to that the demo won't be coming out this week.

Vistrix3624d ago

Shouldn't be banned from N4G?

They've constantly been proven wrong on almost all of their rumored articles... They seem to make stuff up all the time.

Fat Princess3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

When were they ever wrong about rumored PS Store content though? If I could come up with just one reason to hate them it'd be that they kept us waiting for "HARDWARE 2" screen shots for nothing.

Silogon3624d ago

When Gayblow was always consistant, N4g never allowed his news stories so I don't get why they let these dolts news stories. You're right, they've been wrong more than they haven't. Gayblow was always consistant with his news and now that he's back, even though he's not much better, maybe we'll see him give out some real info.

You can't argue his track record, that's for sure. Jet packs in Warhawk, The Last Guy, Savage Moon, MAG, Tears for Blood and countless other bits were all given by Gayblow well in advance from anyone and me and many others on Neo Gaf roasted him time and time again. Now, not so much.

doshey3624d ago

if vgcharts is allowed then this can be allowed

Sev3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

The Author who consistently posted wrong information, has been removed from the site.

My deepest apologies.

We aren't Gamesblow, and were never trying to be Gamesblow.

Mao3624d ago

PlaystationLifeStyle, VGChartz and sales data should all be perma-banned on

Panipal20053623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Sev you've got a lot to apologize for, it's a good thing that you've started doing so, you should certainly continue.

Here's a quote from Sev that says yes, PS Liestyle should be banned (from a PM because he doesn't want people to know this is how he thinks):-

"Whats more important, future relationships with developers? Or sniveling toads such as yourself."

What's more important indeed. NOT US, the people he always tries to get to go give hits to his site.

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ice_prophecy3624d ago

I hope SFA comes to Australia. I'd buy this in an instant.

Mr_Bun3624d ago

This was one of my fav nintendo games!

King Me3624d ago

Should be sweet raking in a few Trophies 8)

redwingsrock3624d ago

I'm Gonna love playing "My Curse" by Killswitch Engaged on rock band and only 99 cents, Woo!

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