Three new Overlord titles coming in 2009

Codemasters has today announced that there will be three new Overlord games coming out in 2009.First up, Overlord II is the direct sequel to the original evil-'em-up, in development at Triumph Studios and set for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"Extensions" to the franchise include the more action-oriented title, Overlord: Dark Legend for the Wii, which will feature "minion control through Wii remote movement". Overlord Minions, the third game, is a "dedicated puzzle action" title, being developed for the Nintendo DS.

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InMyOpinion3775d ago

Excellent! I loved Overlord.

Mausenheimmer3775d ago

Good! I was worried that the game might not get a much needed sequel. The original Overlord was this close to unbelievable quality.

dachiefsman3775d ago

overlord was good, but i hope the re-tune the controls.

thereapersson3775d ago

And now that they have a PS3-specific version of the game under their belt, I would imagine that the PS3 version of these respective games will be easier to make.

GamerMan3775d ago

I personally really liked this game. It was a blast..but it ended :( Glad to know this underrated game will see another version of it.

dachiefsman -- The controls were a bit wonky and took some getting used to. I think the camera angle on some of the maps is where the controls suffered more than the actual control scheme itself. So I would prefer better camera controls which I'm sure is a daunting task between main character and your controlled minions that you can set in quite a few spots on the board.