Overlord II - new screenshots

Codemasters has released a couple of screenshots from its sequel to the minion mashing game, Overlord. The new game looks like offering the same brand of dark humor and strategic action.

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Fat Princess3772d ago

Am I the only one that enjoyed Overlord? I hope not. Very underrated game in my opinion.

kevnb3772d ago

one of my favorite games this gen so far.

neo_ad3772d ago

No your not I liked it too :)

Too many "your the good guy, be nice" type games about lol

Mao3772d ago

Fun for a bit, definite rental material. Glad to see it did well, it wasn't the garbage I first thought it was going to be when I played it on the 360 last year.

Bazookajoe_833772d ago

Cant wait for this one :-)

FCOLitsjustagame3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I thought the first one was great and will buy #2 on day one. Very underrated game IMHO.

EDIT: Don't know that I will allow my guys to club baby seals though, no matter how evil my guy is.

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