New 'South Park' XBLA Details, Genre Included

We know almost nothing about the "South Park" game, in development at "Geometry Wars: Galaxies" developer Doublesix Games, for Xbox Live Arcade next year.

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PirateThom3628d ago

South Park games have a history of being good.

Truplaya3628d ago

i dont remember one being good, but im hoping this one is.

Hopefully it has some original writing done for it.

Jack Bauer3628d ago

i liked the FPS one, i actually tracked one down recently, just as fun as i remember it, although it is a bad game ha

Emmo3628d ago

This article says that South Park will be the first game from Xbox Live productions, sorry guy that is wrong, Fable 2 Pub games holds that honour

d2dahoopa3628d ago

i have had every south park game out

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