LBP: Deciding Where to Pre-order?

"I know you are craving desperately to get a hold of Little Big Planet, but you also want to pick up some free stuff along with your pre-order. Well, never fear we are here to help you out. A total of five items will be given out depending on exactly where you pre-order your copy of Little Big Planet."

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Fat Princess3778d ago

YES!! I pre-ordered my copy from GameStop so no complaints! ^_^

mikeslemonade3778d ago

AH bull, I hate Gamecrap and EBsuck. Why can't they just sell these guys as standalone dolls and also make make atleast 20 versions of Playstation characters

soul899er3778d ago

i want Nariko >_< but no store has claimed to hold her exclusivley, i hope its Gamecrazy or something.

XboxOZ3603778d ago

And ppl complain about LE and CE editions of games . . hello, this is a sack.

matchgrade3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

At least it's free.

Besides, it's better than paying an extra $70 for a hollow plastic Lancer replica that's too light to be a paperweight and too jagged to wipe my ass with.

MikeGdaGod3778d ago

that actually made me LOL

Mc Fadge3778d ago

With it all included :<

Or, at least, they better release this stuff for sale >:0

Immortal Kaim3778d ago

What is the release date of LBP?

XboxOZ3603778d ago

There's a release date . .!? I think it'll be released when it gets released. It's been moved back a few times now, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was pushed back yet again.

But seriously, not sure when but it would want to live up to the expectations many Sony users have, that's for sure. Looks great . .but then, so have many other games . . . and they have turned out mediocre at best. It'll be interesting to see how it is received.

matchgrade3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

This coming from a notorious Xbox fanboy, no less.

The release date is slated for October 21st.

Mc Fadge3778d ago

I heard 24th but above is 21st, so we'll see :3

Superfragilistic3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"This coming from a notorious Xbox f*nboy, no less."

Man I disagree with XboxOZ and it's obvious he's baiting LBP fans (myself included) but calling him names because of a platform preference and taking the STFU approach doesn't exactly justify our position and is contrary to the gamer zone.

Why not argue intelligently and try to use his own preferences as ways to deconstruct his argument and solidify yours?

Release dates are easy enough to argue because all platforms have delays. So you merely need to remind him of Halo Wars, Alan Wake, etc to get your point across.

But the second part is far more interesting in how you can challenge his assumptions and what I assume he's referring to as the expectations about a game based on user content...

For example:

1) XboxOZ you say you're concerned about the expectations of LBP as a game based around user content, aren't the same concerns then valid for Banjo Kazooie on 360 then?

2) XboxOZ according to your web site ( ) your favourite game is Forza 2 which was an early example of user created content on consoles and has been a great success at allowing users to create, share and sort content. Surely LBP is an evolutionary step that has as much chance of success as your much loved Forza 2 did back then?

3) XboxOZ your console of preference is the 360 and the biggest game on it Halo 3 has established its longevity through Forge's level editor and the many other user generated content options such as films, game types, etc to create new experiences such as Grifball. Again, LBP is an evolutionary step on this concept so how are its chances of success with user content any less than Halo 3 did in 2007?

4) XboxOZ Media Molecule comes from a development pedigree with vast experience in creating games based around user created content. Of particular note, the founders and key development staff at Media Molecule are formerly of Microsoft's Lionhead studio which made perhaps the boldest game pre-LBP that was almost entirely focused on user content from the get go and without mods, The Movies. Given that title's relative success in creating an experience around user content, surely Media Molecule are better placed than almost anybody to make a game such as LBP succesful?

5) XboxOZ unlike Forza 2, Halo 3, and The Movies (PC), LBP has far greater opportunities for cross promotion of other titles and as a result other developers are clamouring to create and share LBP content of their own with other Sony gamers. Given that, surely the chance of success for LBP is heightened even more so when it has the full support of outstanding developers such as Konami, Square Enix, Sony and Insomniac and the fans of their games?

I hope my point is made. I'm looking forward to LBP like every other Sony gamer (yes I have a 360 and that horrid Wii as well). But if you're going to convince someone to rethink their position, heck maybe even convince him to buy a PS3 so he can design Spartans in LBP, please argue intelligently in the gamer zone rather than just calling someone names and dismissing them. :)



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nos4speed3778d ago

the game pouch, definitly my favorite, they should throw in a nodding sackboy too:P

Mr_Bun3778d ago

But I also want the Kratos sackboy...might have to get multiple copies!

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