EA refuses to process Rock Band warranty request in Ireland

Videogaming247 has gotten hold of an email correspondence between an irate Irish Rock Band customer and EA customer services, wherein EA says it's unable to honour warranty requests in Ireland

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Neurotoxin3778d ago

Surely they are required by law to honour warranty requests, or do EA now think they are above that too? Bloody Fascists.

Ice2ms3778d ago

FFS please drums dont break on me! Ive had them for about 5 months now and the kickpedal is getting a bit shaky. Why Ireland ? This makes me a sad panda =[

kevnb3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I would of thought people would have complained earlier, after all the game has been out since last year now.

Edit: sorry guys, didn't realize how poorly EA was treating you guys.

Ice2ms3778d ago

Not In Ireland and Europe The Xbox Version was released about 2-3 months and we have yet to recieve a PS3, PS2 , Wii version looks like october until we get them.
I have mine since March (brought it back from america)

Mc Fadge3778d ago

Not even out in Australia yet >: <