Rock Band 2 Bundle on Xbox 360 Getting Delayed October Release?

Shacknews reports that while the Rock Band 2 game and individual instruments are set for an exclusive Xbox 360 release on September 14, it now appears that Harmonix's Special Edition bundle will not make it to stores until October 19, a full month later.

The official Rock Band store and retailer GameStop both list the bundle as shipping on October 19--the same day the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii versions are set to arrive.

The Special Edition bundle--which includes the microphone, drums, guitar and game disc--costs only $199.99, while the separate instruments and game add up to an MSRP of $249.96.

Many fans who were planning on enjoying the early release while saving money with the bundle are upset about the apparent delay.

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Roukuko3777d ago

lol seems like microsoft trying to milk the idiot bots for money again

Cintai3776d ago

For those xbox owners who own the first game will only have to pay for the game which is $60 so how is that being Microsoft milking anybody.

Some people should start thinking before they speak.

And if they don't own the first game and you want all the instuments then wait a month for the complete package. Although I bet that most early sales will be from people who already own the first game.

whoelse3777d ago

So it a timed exclusive no more?

Fishy Fingers3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the article, it is still a timed exclusive but, if you wish to get it during the exclusive period your forced to buy everything seperately and there for pay more.

Sneaky underhand tactics from Harmonix's if that is indeed the case.

Mr_Bun3777d ago

That is what I understand too. If true very sneaky!

RevN8r3776d ago

Well sort of... Basically, you could just buy the game and use your current instruments, making it slightly less. But if you want to upgrade, your choices are either wait for the bundle, or buy the separate instruments. It's kinda nice to have the choice, but I do agree that it seems a bit underhanded.

At least you have the option to get it on the 360 before the PS3, and if this game follows the lead of the original, it'll be better there anyway (unfortunately, I never understood why they weren't created equal).

mikeslemonade3777d ago

Has Microsoft Game Studios ran out of money already? How much money does it take to get a real timed exclusive?

TOSgamer3777d ago

MS don't pay for exclusives! 3rd parties release timed exclusives because they love MS and just wanna make Shane Kim happy. *chuckle*

doshey3777d ago

no they do pay, developers dont make games then just release one version for fun then wait to release it on the other systems, no its being paid that stops all versions from releasing at once

Smacktard3776d ago

@ 2.2 and people disagreeing with 2.1

It's sarcasm, morons. SARCASM. Note the >>>*chuckle*<<& lt;. Some people are too dumb to breathe...

mistertwoturbo3777d ago

Well so much for that whole timed exclusive thing.

heroman7113776d ago

the game is still coming out earlier than the rest but the whole combo thing is delayed

Cintai3776d ago

Still timed to the people who already own Rock Band 1 and are only looking for the game and not any instruments.

White-Sharingan3777d ago

and who even pays for a one month timed exclusive?

Are they running out of money? whats next? one week timed exclusive?

mistertwoturbo3777d ago

lol I agree.

What's the next big announcement?

"Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox360 will have timed-exclusive of Two minutes!"

Cintai3776d ago

Sony's BIG announcement 3 E3s ago about Killzone 2. 3 years and man what a game that was.. ooops thats right still waiting.

(and yeah the wait is killing me)

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The story is too old to be commented.