Boomtown: Summer Athletics Review

Boomtown writes: "A sneaky unofficial release that's got nothing at all to the events in China, oh dear me no.

With the Olympics on as we speak, it was no real shock that both official and unofficial games found their way onto the shelves. It was pretty inevitable that the Wii and its motion sensor control would also get in on the action. But is Summer Athletics on the Wii really a game that can be played waving your arms around like a mad man, or should we stick with traditional button bashing?

Summer Athletics has three game modes the player can choose from. The single event mode allows you to do just the one event from the seven available disciplines and is a good way of practising before trying the other two modes. Competitions mode has five pre arranged competitions the player can do, all of which have certain events available to do depending on the competition you have entered. For example the Decathlon competition has events such as the 100m sprint, Long jump and Pole Vault."

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