Edge Interview: Publish and be Grand

Edge writes: "It's a fact: games have a troubled relationship with the real world. Yet the increasing richness of the industry and its importance in the global market leads unavoidably to the issue of social responsibility. It's an issue that's just beginning to be explored, and one of the pioneers is OneBigGame: a non-profit publisher launching later this year that asks some of the industry's best and brightest talent to create games that it will host – with all profits going to charity. We spoke to OneBigGame's founder and director, Martin de Ronde.

Q: What was the background to OneBigGame?

Martin de Ronde: About a year after leaving Guerilla Games [the company he co-founded] I decided I wanted to do something new – I'd been involved in a project where we created a Second Life-style environment, called Star Child, for children's hospitals in the Netherlands, which showed me the power of videogames to do something good for the world that really felt nice. But if you look at the games industry there aren't many initiatives: we're always boasting about being bigger than TV, bigger than movies, bigger than music, then why are we not equally as big in this area?"

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