Edge Review: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX

Edge writes: "Synthesised trumpet wails may drag your mind kicking and screaming back to hectic music lessons full of parping Casio keyboards, but in Band Brothers DX they triumphantly herald one of Nintendo's finest DS titles of recent memory. The sequel to the Japanese-only 2005 offering, the basic concept is unchanged – hitting button cues to play one instrumental strand of a grander composition – while the package is considerably fattened up.

With Guitar Hero and Rock Band in an escalating war of bells and whistles, Band Brothers maturely trumps them with its feature list while making no apologies for the less sophisticated game at its heart. Button thumping makes no attempt to dress itself up as musical mimicry; following button cues reminds more of Konami's Bemani Pop'n Music than the posturing simulations that currently reign."

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