20° Chart Toppers: Guitar Hero Rakes it in On Tour writes: "For a portable Guitar Hero, On Tour is a respectable effort, and it seems like Activision's customers agreed, making the title the best DS launch for the company ever.

Guitar Hero has matured as a franchise to the point where, like most aging rockers, it can now reliably go on tour. Yes, the franchise can travel the country and rely on its fame to draw in the fans and rake in the cash, and what else can embody a game series going on tour like a brand new portable release?

In all seriousness, Activision has pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible with Guitar Hero by releasing Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS. It was a calculated risk, since the game would be the first in the series to not have a guitar controller peripheral to use. Once again, though, the Guitar Hero formula has proven successful and Guitar Hero: On Tour has become a hit. We take a closer look at the game's rockin' success."

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