Hot New Lara Croft Video Interview

The new model for Lara Croft, Allison Carroll, recently did an interview with British News Channel Five. Ripten has the video here, and in addition to the interview itself, you will see some hot footage of Allison in the new yellow and black swimsuit, as well as some of her physical training. Miss Carroll also does her spokeswomanly duty and slyly drops the Tomb Raider name and release date with a wink and a smile (not quite literally, but whatever).

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Twizlex3779d ago

Just so everyone knows, this is a new interview with News Channel Five and is not the same as the ITN interview. Talks a lot more about her background and such.

MazzingerZ3779d ago

If I was a teenager overloaded with hormones I probably would care...I think this is getting too much space in the site and has really nothing to do with gaming but with boobs... I don't even think people watch the video with the volume on.

coolfool3779d ago

but I wonder how much of what we are seeing is Alison and how much is the Lara. I have met a few people from Croyden in my time and they don't speak quite like she does.

She just has to put on a face for a year. I wonder if she finds it sad that no one will see the real her?

Twizlex3779d ago

Probably not because I'm sure she is well paid. On top of that, she seems like she would rather actually be Lara Croft than herself.

Nostradavis3779d ago

i got that impression as well

coolfool3779d ago

She DOES seem to prefer being Lara than herself. that surely speaks volumes about her life and personal insecurities.....

Anyway, don't want to even attempt to analyse that.

nineself3779d ago

I'm sure she very much enjoys her time as Lara, as when her time as Lara finishes it will be back to answering phones as a receptionist.

Denocao3779d ago

I don't like her belly button.

SlyGuy3779d ago

I thought I was the only one who saw her belly button looking funny.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3779d ago

...PSN's Fat Princess!!! ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.