Edge Feature: Making a Will Wright Minute

Edge writes: "On Monday G4's daily video game program X-Play unveiled The Will Wright Minute, a segment that is literally 60 seconds of the legendary designer talking about whatever he wants. Wright took the opportunity to talk about a once top secret weaponized space station run by Cold War Russia. He never once mentioned Spore.

By Tuesday, the video (which runs 90 seconds after the addition of G4, X-Play and Spore promotional bumpers) had gained significant traction on the web. Wade Beckett, executive producer on X-Play, explained that the concept for the Will Wright Minute came to him while he was watching Wright speak at the San Diego Comic Con.

"The man is pretty much a genius but that doesn't always translate to good TV," said Beckett. "The key to Will is he's both smart and entertaining."

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kingme713625d ago

I found his 1 minute on the Russian space thing rather dull actually. I guess it's neat to know, but wish he would talk about things more topical to games and his vast experience.