Halo 3 Owns The Live Play Charts Again

All it took was one new map to be given away for free - Halo 3 has continued its run at the top of the Live play charts.

Interestingly, Braid has climbed into the top ten already. The rest are pretty much given. Enjoy the full chart in the article.

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Stryfeno13477d ago

But you have to give credit where credit is due...Congrats to Bungie.

Imallvol73477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I haven't played Halo 3 in a very long time. No where near as much as I played Halo 2 online. I am amazed at how devoted people are to this game. I still play it with friends, but seriously, its just more of the same. Poster above me is right though, Bungie deserves major credit for developing this following.

orakga3477d ago

Because it's the most accessible. Kind like the Wii story, really. It's so easy to get into, that so many more people are able to appreciate the game.

Case in point, this is the only FPS game that I have been able to get women to play. My GF and my friend's fiance play this for hours during the day, then at night we all get together (all four of us) and play together.

My friend's a huge GoW fan, and I personally think MGO is a gift from God. But no matter how hard I try, I cant get the ladies to play it. That definitely says something about it.

I'm hoping Resistance 2 will eventually replace Halo as our "couples activity" game. Because... even though the game is very fun, I would really love to play some bigger games if we could. (16 players: claustrophobic at times) =)

solidsnakus3477d ago

i can see why, halo is pretty much its own genre within the FPSs. cod4 is just like every other shooter, with nothing particularly diffrent other than awesome controls.

Imallvol73477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I have to disagree. I owned COD4 for about 4 months before I even played it online because I thought it was more of just the same. The ranking system is sick though. You have to rank up each gun? Each accessory!!! It got addictive . . . fast. There is something about Halo though. I just can't put my finger on it, but I will always love its multiplayer.

Socom and Halo are best online experiences EVER!

snoopgg3477d ago

The graphics of Call of Duty 4 are the best of any console Fps out right now!! The controls are fantastic. The teamwork of team deathmatch is addicting. Perks are cool. Call of Duty 4 was way different from Call of Duty 2 and 3. Different time periods, wars, and weapons. The Halo series is the fps thats not evolving, halo 3 was pretty stagnent. Call of Duty 4 trumped it in every way.

solidsnakus3477d ago

theres nothing special about cod4. you can compare it to any other fps game and its the same. doom, quake,medal of honor,unreal tournament, call of duty. its all the same, just run in, shoot , die, repeat. halo has alot more strategy, you dont just run up to people and shoot them in the open it has a great deal of rock paper scissors gameplay. you cant beat someone with a BR in the open from far away no matter what you use, unless its a sniper or another BR or really lucky nade throw.. see what i mean?


what are you talking about? you making it sound like this game is like the only one on live, theres no teamwork in CoD4 almost everyone online just goes out to get kills and the perks? yeah people who have juggernaut and martydom yeah really addicting, except with last stand which you have to work and get your kill, now halo on the other hand is more strategic based game c'mon its a MLG game, ive been playing halo for long time, its the only game that i spend more time playing on live then any other

SixZeroFour3476d ago

i have to say that all of you have pointed out bits that are right imo

COD4 does have the more appealing graphics, BUT it does feel more like a run n gun for score/exp

i was playing a couple of games of domination and telling ppl that we needed flags to win...but then all they cared about was getting the the end, we did have the most kills total, but lost because we were at 0-1 flags for the whole game

no matter who or bad you are at COD4 you can EVENTUALLY make lvl 55 10th prestige

In need to a good player and team player in order to reach lvl 50

the game types is changing weekly with the double exp weekends, and with forge, the gametypes and maps possibilities are endless

BUNGIE treats their community unlike any other devs that ive seen, which is one of the reasons that their fanbase is massive and loyal

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DaKid3477d ago

Sweet if Braid has made it into the top 10, it must have sold rather well!

snoopgg3477d ago

Oh well, it wasn't that good anyhoo!!!!!!

XxZxX3477d ago

poor bots, nothing else to play except HALO 3. LOL I guess it will be on top of XBOX Live chart for quite sometime.

testerg353477d ago

And I guess you have nothing to play since it seems your version of online play would be to use the PS3 browser to comment on this thread.

XxZxX3477d ago

you guess?? i think u need to try again, poor xbot.

thekingofMA3477d ago

your last comment/attempt at a comeback just shows your inability to think of a good rebuttal

the real person who needs to try again is you (and lucky for you, as of my comment, you still have 10 minutes to edit!!!)

the truth is that Halo is a great game with a large online community that people love to play, especially with guests (why CoD4 doesn't have guesting is beyond me)

it just shows that no matter how many good games come out, the best (Halo, CoD, GeOW) will stay on top-it's a shame Sony doesn't reveal the most played PSN games so someone could say to you "Poor dumbass, nothing to play besides MGO and Resistance online still?!?!"

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