DKS3713 footage hitting Japan's PSTV this week (Not PSN.)

"According to Forever-Fantasy, Sony has confirmed that Square Enix will be releasing all information and footage from the recent DKS3713 event on PSTV from August 15th.

For those unaware, PSTV stations are PlayStation 3 demo stations that are set up in various Japanese retail stores. Unfortunately, this means that North American and European gamers will have to wait until the footage is uploaded online in order to view it.

Elsewhere, popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed that they will have a 38-page cover story on the DKS3713 event, including new details on Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII. As you can see below, the latest Famitsu issue sports both Lightning from FFXIII and the Prince from FF Versus XIII."

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spectyre3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Is anyone else sick of this crap? IGN posted new screen for the three PSP games and all they had was one screen for each game. Now it's this PSTV crap. It'll probably be the same trailer with 2 seconds of stuff tacked on the end. I think they should show something substantial or just keep it to themselves.