IGN AU: Rockband, A No Show In Australia?

IGN Au Reports:

"The chequered history of Rock Band in Australia could be set to take yet another turn, as an undisclosed retail source told us today that the game's release may be delayed indefinitely. Word is that retail buyers simply aren't interested in stocking a bulky product that's a year old and will cost more than its similarly bulky – and up to date - competitor Guitar Hero: World Tour."

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ice_prophecy3777d ago

I am tired of waiting for this. Especially with RB2 just around the corner.

They dare consider charging 400$ for this in Australia?


I'd rather get a G25 with a driving seat for 500$

Superfragilistic3777d ago

Looks like it's going to cost $500! Absolutely disgusting, why bother?

Immortal Kaim3777d ago

$500.......... Are you serious? That is disgraceful. Would someone from the US be able to post the comparative price?

Superfragilistic3777d ago

EA havin trouble kicking old habits me thinks...

Immortal Kaim3777d ago

I won't be getting this anyway, EA have done their dash with me.