Braid Review (XboxOZ360) XBLA's Brilliant Platformer

From XboxOZ360:

"How do you begin to critique an experience like Braid, based on puzzle/platforming elements, yet with far more profound connotations? At its' core, Braid is a puzzle/platforming game and has no hesitation in paying homage to its' roots.

Essentially, you control the protagonist Tim, through a series of worlds with varying time manipulation themes. At a base level, you are simply asked to reach the next door to progress through each sub-stage, though puzzle pieces are scattered throughout and present the real challenge, obtaining them all is no small undertaking."

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Superfragilistic3694d ago

Another excellent score for an outstanding title. Better yet those on PSN may not have to wait too long to share the experience and have their minds puzzled along with their XBL compatriots.

gaminoz3694d ago

Some of these Arcade games are really quite creative.

Immortal Kaim3694d ago

I actually agree with this score, amazing game that has to be experienced.

I LOL AT U3694d ago

LOL Sony has better games than this. Braid is boring...

Superfragilistic3694d ago

... That's what I thought. :P

Maybe just hop on over to the open zone. ;)

TheMART3694d ago

I am sorry this XBL Arcade game scored as high as the highest rated PS3 exclusive, the only exclusive on the PS3 on or over 90% average score, sorry for that. Sorry for the 360 being the best gaming device.

Fishy Fingers3694d ago

Another great score. This is surely the highest rated XBL Arcade game now and rightly so, it's a little short but great.

Immortal Kaim3694d ago

Thats a good question, would love to see XBLA ratings. Yeah Braid should be at the top of that list though.

InMyOpinion3694d ago

It's about as long as Heavenly Sword.

Fishy Fingers3694d ago

LOL Jenzo, nicely on topic. Keep up the good work. Yeah Heavenly Sword was short, but like Braid, still great.

InMyOpinion3694d ago

Would "It's about as long as the single player campaign in COD 4" sound better to you?

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