New Pokemon

The official site at updated last night with all the CoroCoro info, a new trailer, and some more juicy informational tidbits.

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big shadow3773d ago

they dont create pokemon like they used to. :(

Nitrowolf23772d ago

very true i think it started after the second gens of pokemon

Tomdc3772d ago

they should just stop! the first batch everyone new and loved, 2nd batch was rubbish, 3rd batch was ok and everythin after that rubbish again! STOP MAKING new POKEMON! jus cos they make a new game doesn't mean they need to create new pokemon.

Kami3772d ago

There should be OVER 9000!!! pokemon to make it a complete series collection or whatever you want to call it

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doshey3772d ago

wow this has to be the most milked series ever

White-Sharingan3772d ago

and yet I buy every main game; everytime

and I am 19

damn you pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! making 19+ year old people buying you

Kami3772d ago

have you ever heard of Final fantacy or anything owned by EA(ex. tony hawk, madden etc.)

Fux4Bux3772d ago

They are milking this way too far. I haven't cared since the original 151 when I was 11.

Those silhouettes look like appliances.

adnanrules3772d ago

well not confirmed to be they may be new forms of the same pokemon like Deoxys has a new form and Giratrina and Shaymin will have..Pokemon rocks must admit the pokemon thereself arent as good as the old but the games just rock

DarkBlade3772d ago

I had all the pokemon Games for Gameboy color, Advance, Sp, and now Ds and i Yet had a chance to catch em' all.(p.s i only had the Rpg ones, not that pokemon ranger,pinball junk. I like the regular pokemon.

oliverasadi3772d ago

How many is there now like 500?? i now all of em up to mew.. thats wen i played it.

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