The Dark Knight Video Game - Why it HAS to be Good

The Dark Knight is definitely the biggest hit of this year, and probably the biggest hit of the decade. As with blockbuster movies like these, people always ask: "Where's the video game?" With these questions come the rumors that the game is in the works, and speculation on the gameplay and whether it will, or will not, be a "good" game.

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Elmer Fudd3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

silly batman trix are for kids

Silogon3774d ago

I wish they would stop making games based off movies. They're all junk! All of them. See, in order for this to work you have to have a movie mentality and these idiots don't.

How many movies do you know based on video games are a close replica of the source material? Few... how about none? Sounds good to me. So, in order for a game to work for a movie the movie has to have the idea of the game and nothing else. So, why don't we do this. Why don't we take the idea of a movie and make it into a game?

Don't follow the movie, just the concept. The only way it will work is if liberties are taken at most every turn. Batman games are 97% made up of the developers bathroom breaks... Let's change that.

proArchy3774d ago

It would be nice if the game followed the movie, and not just Batman in some redundant open world mission based crap. Open the game like the movie, not in a cinematic, but in actual gameplay of the bank heist playing as the Joker. It should switch back and forth through playable characters as often as the movie changed focus. There are other ways to expand a game beyond the limits of a movie besides adding 30 "stop the mugging" missions.

InMyOpinion3774d ago

I say no. The best licensed video games are usually the ones that dare be different from the movies.

proArchy3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Yeah, cause Spiderman 3 was awesome. Really though, games are coming closer and closer to giving us a truly interactive cinematic experience, someday one game will get it right. For instance, I like the idea of the Ghostbusters game being a 'true' sequel to the movies, if done right it can give an experience that couldn't be matched. done wrong though, and yeah, it would have been better off doing something else.

InMyOpinion3774d ago

That's cool actually. Or a prologue.

juuken3774d ago

If they screw this up...I don't even wanna look. ;_;

cr33ping_death3774d ago

they better not [email protected] this up. i see the "other" fanboys disagree with you lol. too funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.