Kingdom of Amalur's best quest, House of Ballads


"I first realized what the House of Ballads was about–and that it might be something special–when I stumbled across a quest called ‘Reprisal, Reprised’. A young woman in some old ruins explained that the magic blue elf-people called Ballads Fae revere stories so much they re-live their legends in an endless cycle, like actors performing the same plays forever. One of those Ballads told of a troll who lived in these ruins, a beast so greedy he swallowed a ruby ring. If I helped her set the stage for that story the troll would appear, just like in the tale–and that we could kill it, dig the ring out of its stomach lining, and pawn it for cash. She’d figured out how to tap into the myth cycle of an immortal supernatural race, and used that knowledge to farm them for loot. It was both an arch comment on the repeatable quests of MMOs and a clever little story of its own."

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nucky641091d ago

KoA .....I had a great time with that game - so sad there won't be a sequel.

Palitera1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

It mixes myths with the very core idea for the game story so well. Anyone that enjoys myths and its concepts will probably have a great times and be awed with this story.
Not by the story itself, which is too over the top in the whole game to my taste, but the meanings behind this quest story, something that refers to all rituals we do and don't even realize why (praying on Sundays or before meals, Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc).