Amazon fires more PS3 80GB MGS4 bundles

Punchjump writes: " on Tues. evening began offering additional stock of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle following a sellout of a shipment scheduled for Aug. 19.

The retailer is now offering a new shipment for sale, scheduled to be in stock on Aug. 21.

The MGS4 PS3 80GB has been a sell-out item at various retailers, including and

Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4 held sales of 774,647 units in June."

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jwatt3779d ago

I don't think Sony is getting them out fast enough and now Europe is getting the 80 gig it's going to be even more difficult.

PirateThom3779d ago

The bundle and new 80GB are different. The one with MGS4 has backwards compatibility, the new 80GB is just a 40GB with a bigger hard drive.

MikeGdaGod3779d ago

i'm just hoping Circuit City hurries the f*ck up with my gift card so i can buy this bundle online before it sells out.

boodybandit3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I didn't know that (bundle 80gig unit has backwards compatibility). Are you 100% positive of that? Are they totally doing away with backward compatibility on newer model PS3's after the bundle deal is completely sold out?

I need to pick up 3 PS3 units for Christmas and all of them need this feature because the people I am getting them for still play PS2 and PSone games.

back on topic.
Does anyone agree that Sony has hurt themselves with the 60g and now 80g unit being in such limited supply the past several months? Most people I talk to that want a PS3 don't want a 40g unit and they definitely didn't want the 20g. I guess I will know my answer soon enough once Sony starts pumping out the 80g units on a regular basis.

Now if only they would cut the price to $299. I think that is the sweet spot that millions of PS2 owners are waiting on to make the move to this generation. I wonder if it will happen this year or next?

Oner3778d ago

100% positive that the 80gb MGS4 bundle has BC inside.

The special edition 40gb Gun Metal colored MGS4 bundle is the one that DOES NOT have BC inside.

orakga3778d ago

Yep. HARDWARE-BASED Backward-compatibility will be gone after this. Basically, if you want guaranteed BC on your PS3, you need to grab this bundle right now. That doesn't mean they can't implement some type of software-based solution via a firmware upgrade later, but knowing how slow Sony has been, I wouldn't expect them to solve that problem by this X-Mas (if ever).

And on a side note, the 20GB version does have its own use, but is very limited. People who want a SECOND PS3 (for going online with a friend/family) would want to go with this one since it would only need to play games. I was certainly looking at it for my GF's PS3, but I ended up going for the MGS bundle anyway... it was just too good of a deal to pass up.

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AStupidXbot3779d ago

Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4 held sales of 774,647 units in June."

What does it mean, it definetly sold more than that in June.

lodossrage3779d ago

They usually exclude the bundles when they make those numbers.

Besides, Konami themselves said they have over 3 million sold worldwide

Surfman3779d ago

last numbers i heard it was 3.9m few weeks ago

Cyrus3653779d ago

it means it sold nearly 800 K units of MGS 4 in America (not including bundles or special edition bundles).

consolewar3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

3rd place for the market leader with the most 1st party studios. Ouch...
How can you fvck things up? from 1st.....3rd, hell even the defective 360 is ahead.

Just ask Ken.....ooops.

morganfell3778d ago

3rd in what? Overall sales or in year to year sales? Year to year since the PS3 launched they have outsold the 360. It is funny as here you are on the verge of extinction and this is the most profound thing you can say? Keep supporting that outdated hunk of MS junk. You days are numbered and everyone in the industry knows it.

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Surfman3779d ago

Snake's mission is not over yet.


metal gear is not a system seller who said that again

Silogon3779d ago

MGS4 has sold over 4 million units now and Sony will no doubt outline this with LBP bullet points at their confrence. Wait and see. Anyways, it's good Kojima sold lots of copies of his game but it still doesn't change the fact the game looked lesser than Uncharted and several other games on the market.

Surfman3779d ago

mgs4 is a huge success, and well deserved for the best console-game made. Period.

Silogon3779d ago

You're jumping ahead of yourself, man. MGS4 is not the best game ever made and it's only slightly good past 2 hours of extended play at any given time. MGS4 does not have staying power and that is the cold hard truth.

PoSTedUP3779d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

pssh yall cant name a game as great as MGS4 that has all the elements and overall beats MGS4 man quit playing yourself.

edit: im talking "technically" its the best game ever made not preference but yea man i loved resident evil1 man that sh*t was freaky especially when your just a kid and you try n go out the front door of the mansion and like theirs the dragons that pop out at you lol, i think they were dragons..... my cuz beat it without dieing cause we didn't have a memory card at the time. + bubbles : )


And tell you its the best game ever . but it has to be top personal favorite is still first resident evil for ps1....dogs jumping out the window still doesn't scare you ....played it over 20 times maybe more even beat it without dying..

nieto3778d ago

i been playing game for years and this it's the first time i could say that i have a favorite game. and that game it's MGS4.

i am talking seriously not joking or saying it just because it's on ps3.

i put MGS4 with Zelda OOT, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Metroid, Terranigma, DQVIII.

those are some of my most favorite games of all times.

Kleptic3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

haha looked 'lesser' than Uncharted...Uncharted is the only console game this gen to be comparable to it...

those two games can fight the top spot all they want...the fact that you say 'several other games' immediately destroys your credibility...MGS4 easily hands almost every game this generation its hat...and you make it sound like going toe to toe with Uncharted is easy...

there is only one announced game that we have been shown that looks to top it...Uncharted does things near perfectly...and MGS4 does things near perfectly...MGS4 has even better character animation, and a far more realistic color pallete...while Uncharted has better particle effects and fluid effects (no game tops the water in Uncharted yet, although MGS4 had some pretty awesome ripples too...the lack of real time reflection though was noticable right away)...Killzone 2 is the only shown game so far that looks to toast both...and if those screens of Heavy Rain were in game also, that too could take up the reigns...

please man...I'm all ears...let us know what 'several other titles' even come close to MGs4 in terms of visuals...or Uncharted for that matter...i guarantee it was a hollow statement...MGS4 was the only exclusive this generation to recieve straight 10's out of the 'big 3'...if it doesn't have 'staying power', not game this generation does yet either...

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