LittleBigPlanet - New trailer

Another super cool trailer of LittleBigPlanet. Enjoy.

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AStupidXbot3779d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I doubt LBP can make any room with my Viva Pinata.

God of N4G3779d ago

They're just inferior, that's all.

King Me3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I think we can all agree LBP is a killer app,it will easily do 500,000 in sales before the year end.Easily.

(I predict the game will have sold 4.3 million copies by the end of January 09)

TheAveragePs3User3778d ago

i canti wate till i geting lbp four mys ps3 cuz its a halokiller toatlayy and way better thsan god or marios!

halos is stupid cuz i dont get to custumise my characters in mulitpaler! ands i cant FORGE any costum maps on halo eithers!

i cants even has records anyvidose of halo 3 but LBP is so cool and has dolls with it cuz i am a gangster and kewl.

Shane Kim3778d ago

Gaaah I want this f*cking game!!

na2ru13778d ago

Viva and Banjooee exist. Otherwise xbox would have had the same trend as PC games - shooters, average driving, flight/train simulaters.

MS yells "Mii TOO!"

thereapersson3778d ago

If you're going to make a gimmick, at least make it amusing. That was just annoying, and made you look like you're trying too hard.

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Cerberus_Hunter3779d ago

The game looks better and more fun with every new video.

King Me3779d ago

Sony are really starting to push this game,first the Amazon Trailer and now one for Walmart!


PoSTedUP3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

PoSTedUP of N4G has just confirmed that LBP is his now most anticipated game of this year. he says it was a very close decision between the three games (socom, motorstorm2 and LBP) but now it is very clear that LBP shines brighter out of the three even after being a die hard socom fan and seeing the amazing graphics of what the new socom has to offer he still chooses LBP as his most anticipated game of this year and he states- "i see LBP changing the way people play and look at games and that right there is the greatest feature a game can have" so he is obviously going to be pre ordering this game ASAP and he most likely will be playing it the day it comes out also PoSTedUP of N4G would like to thank Media Molecule for creating this game and bringing it to the ps3 where it will be enjoyed by well deserver fans, thank you and gave a good night.

@ jwatt- this game will sell good because it is for a very wide age group ya know, kids will love it and so will adults, create levels share them sell them for money, play them, customize sack boy/girl to the max the customize and create possibility's are endless and look at the theme, the kids will be begging their parents to get this ya know.

jwatt3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

That's cool how the Sackgirl had a little Sackboy in her hand. I wonder if Gamestop will get thier own commercial, because that's most likely where I'm going to pre-order my copy.

EDIT: @ 1.2 Yea I actually think little big planet is going to sell the most on the ps3 because I have a friend who can't wait for this game and another friend who might actually buy a ps3 for this game.

Bubble Buddy3779d ago

They could dish out literally millions of trailers with this game. :p

Liquid Dust3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

yea, ill probably look at pre ordering from gamespot as well, even though they are an absolutely horrible company, i just have to since they are providing the Kratos sackboy with every preorder.

God of War and LBP? Who can go wrong with that combination???

King Me3779d ago

The Sackgirl is holding a mini Sackboy!!!!

Silogon3779d ago

So, wait a second. How do you import various clothing and accessories for your sackboy??? I don't get this whole thing. Can you just import "some" stuff into the game and use it or can you import anything?

Someone needs to come out and be more clear on this game. Is i simply an obstacle course you make or is it more?

ActionBastard3779d ago

That's the beauty. At its core, it's a platformer. However, WE can make it whatever WE like. If you want an obstacle course, go for it. If you want a more challenging, Mega Man-esque/Mario hybrid with exploding Shane Kim faced barrels while you jetpack to the top of Scarlett Johansson', go for that as well. PlayStation Eye will be needed.

thePatriot3779d ago

during a certain jump the camera moved almost behind the sackboy. fps view almost confirmed

zo6_lover273779d ago

Maybe we can put his face on one of those ghosts? Nothing would scare me more than to see his face. :D <---- not his face BTW

zane_78493779d ago

Every time I see an new article on N4G about LBP anymore I start to get the feeling that it's teeter on the edge of over-exposure. But then I look at the article/video/pictures and it always rocks my socks and makes me smile so keep bringing it!

MikeGdaGod3779d ago

i noticed that but it looked like more of an over the shoulder view. FPS wouldn't interest me but that view shown does.

and yes, it looks very cool.

n4gzz3779d ago

This game will definitely have over 1 million pre-order. I don't like gamestop but I will be ordering next week from gamestop 'coz of kratos sackboy. I want Nariko too :D

thePatriot3779d ago

anybody noticed the green gas? they jumped over it at the beginning. Poison gas?

UnSelf3779d ago

i love the song

"say YEAHHHHH!!!!"

SlyGuy3778d ago

This looks awesome, I love how the multiplayer looks. Day one purchase.

Also, this video seems to show how much can take place on the screen at the same time. Amazing rly.

One thing though...did anyone notice any slowdown during a couple of the scenes where there were a kazillion things on the screen at once? Maybe it was just on my video playback.

masterg3778d ago

3rd person over the shoulder confirmed.
Why is that not on the title of this video/story.

That is amazing news.

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CaliGamer3779d ago

you must just be a very sad person indeed.
First day buy for me, everyone else get on making me some cool levels posthaste

hazeblaze3779d ago

I agree. This is a day one purchase for me. I think I'm going to play through the game completely before I start trying to make my own levels though!

Liquid Dust3779d ago

Yea definitely, i just dont understand how people like POG can just try as hard as they can to find every fault and totally debase the game as much as he can. The guy has no heart what so ever, and speaks with pure blind ignorance and cold heart statements, this game is going to be a huge sensation

Endorphin3779d ago

Its amazing how every time you watch footage of this game, you can't help but smile. It's what everybody needs!

mfwahwah3778d ago

I usually don't smile at "cute" stuff, or anything like that. LBP has put a grin on my face every time I see a video or screen shot.

In this video, when they were all afraid of the ghosts I couldn't help but smile and go "aaaaaawwwwwwww!" ^.^

Most anticipated game of this gen so far for me.

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Storm233779d ago

...the song in it was a Walmart exclusive. I hope that the preorders gifts are not split up too many times. I don't want to miss out on some cool content because I bought it some place else and not at any of the other 10 possible stores.

Game looks incredible btw. First day buy for me without a doubt.

Liquid Dust3779d ago

I cant imagine the guys of Media Molecule to hold back access to exclusive skins from the rest of the public for too long. I just have a feeling there is going to be some amazing free stuff from other PS3 characters and levels that are going to show up later this winter. The guys at Media Molecule are really putting their heart and souls in this project

looking forward to tons of DLC

Mr_Showtime13779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

good marketing, get these ads on TV, plushies into happy meals, get posters on billboards, bus stops, get ads to screen before kids films in cinemas...Market this thing hell and back Sony, make it get the recognition and sales it deserves!!

KillaManiac3779d ago

haha...Sack Boy Plushies at Mcdonalds...that would be funny (yet smart marketing).

Liquid Dust3779d ago

the kids would be like "wtf is this mom, a fricken yarn doll? what the hell good is this to me, Littlebigplanet?...doesnt that title just contradict itself?"

Haha, just having some fun, would really be a good idea though, come with custom outfits and all

now i just need an exact date from sony as to when to clear my calender for weeks on end in october

EastCoastSB3779d ago

What 10 year old knows the meaning of contradict? lol

mfwahwah3778d ago

Damn, this would totally make me buy Happy Meals until I got all of the plushies. I would feel really awkward, but I would not be ashamed!

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