The Top 5 Most Disturbing Video Game Moments

These are the moments we live for. The moments that stay with us longer than the happy endings. The ones that frighten us, disturb us, or make us question the developers' - and our own - sanity.
These are the Top 5 picked by Casualty Gamer.

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thebudgetgamer3779d ago

there is a level that is completely dark except for a trail of blood and all you hear is a baby screaming in the background. i have never been that freaked out by a game,movie or anything else

NegativeCreep4273779d ago

I remember renting Max Payne for the PS2 when it first came out and I reached that certain level at like 1:00 in the morning and that TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. Mostly because I was already like half-asleep and I was wondering if that was real or if it was a dream.

permutated3778d ago

These guys never got their head chopped off in RE4?????

thebudgetgamer3778d ago

but re4 was more holy crap did that just happen. were the level in max payne was more god i wish this would hurry up and be over kind of thing both awesome though

Covenant3779d ago

The confrontation with Andrew Ryan in Bioshock...that was genuinely disturbing, especially since you, as the player, were completely powerless to do anything.

And the first appearance of the baby-like cherubs in Doom 3...that gave me chills.

Gamekilla3779d ago

post a spoiler warning for ps3 owners yet to touch bioshock..


IzKyD13313779d ago

^^that my friend is what i want to see the bioshock movie capture....i want "would you kindly" to become a memorable movie quote, not just a video game quote

Timesplitter143779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

All lame except Pyramid Head and probably Eternal Darkness but I never played it.

And the COD4 one is just retarded. One american dies and everyone breaks up in tears like the world is over. Some people forget that the soldiers are killing thousands of people.

LastDance3779d ago

What are you talking about with COD??

Its not the fact that some1 dies....its the way it is presented....have you even played it?

Timesplitter143779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Yeah I have the game and played it. I see nothing particularly disturbing about that. It's not like I was so absorbed that I thought I was being executed. It just shows a first person view of someone getting shot. Don't tell me you NEVER thought of what it would be like if you got shot.

It just as disturbing as shooting someone in a FPS, which is not, because they are not living people.

In the real world, if someone from my country is executed, I find it just as disturbing as the death of anybody else. It's not because someone is from your country that this person is better and more important. Countries aren't a law of nature. They're just made by politicians. No one should get killed. And I feel the same way everytime someone gets killed, except if I knew the person in question.

LeonSKennedy4Life3779d ago

Thank you, NBC...

You know not of what you speak, my friend.

BlackTar3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

its not that its american its the feel the scene just because you didn't feel it no need to go throwing your negative nancy attiude thru here. I loved that scene. Stop being lame because its american whaaa you sound like your mother never gave you any cookies just ate them in front of you bitter betty.

Sorry you comment just gets under my skin its stupid ridiculus and ignorent all in one. SOry but I have become dumber now reading that crap.

You may want to o hang out at

Cenobia3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Just because something doesn't disturb you, doesn't mean it isn't disturbing. It may not have felt anything, but being lead to your death without any control over the outcome is pretty messed up. I realize that happens in real life, but for people that will never experience that (at least I hope they won't) it is pretty messed up to go through that in first person. It makes you think about that situation, which I think is disturbing enough to make the list. And I can honestly say I have never imagined myself being helplessly forced up against a wall (or post, or whatever) and shot in the face.

Either way, I found both that moment and the nuke to be pretty messed up. Its not that they made me freak out or anything, but they make you think about being in that situation.

Timesplitter143779d ago

ok we get it. American lives are more important than anyone else's.

Thanks for your wiseness. THANK GOD you were there because everyone would've got dumber reading my comments.

Cenobia3779d ago

The person who was executed wasn't American. Where did you even get that from?

It was the president who was previously in power. Hence the title "Coup d'Etat."

BlackTar3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Reading comprehension must be something you lacked in your part of the world but you obv. Had a real hard time formulating a response to what i said. Being it that you totaly bypassed what I said to insert your own little I hate my life agenda. and ROFL its not even american and your crying ROFL. I'm sorry but you are sad oh its american thats why whaa give me a break dude you obv. are the one with issues here and I can also say I never Thought about myself being dragged out and fed a bullet in broad daylight but if you have it helps me more understand your stance on this matter. life doesn't suck only;y if you make it.

MSNBC.COm forums that way. Or

Did it even occur to you for one second where you stopped typing and thought wow he said its not that its american its the scene so why am i again writing american are more important you obv. have deeper issue then you want to say and looks to me like your the one with the issue. So not once did you stop and say wow i'm totaly not answering or responding in accordance to what he said Ill just push my agenda .


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name3779d ago

I agree with budget gamer. That was just ridiculously bad.

Mr_Kuwabara3779d ago

100% agree with Albedo being #1 of the list. Seriously that man is just freaking INSANE.

Oh and GW's AI's were pretty freaky in MGS2. "Turn off your gaming console right now, you've been playing for far too long" I was like, "WTF!"

IzKyD13313779d ago

i was completely freaked out by psycho mantis in the first MGS....but i was 10 and naive back then

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