DayZ Roadmap For 2016 Revealed; Team Exceptionally Excited For Next Year

Bohemia Interactive has a detailed DayZ roadmap of updates for next year. The team is apparently very excited to release the game, at long last.

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ccgr830d ago

Been meaning to try this game

jagstar44829d ago

This games been in early access a long time!

OoglyBoogly829d ago

DayZ SA should be promoted to Late Access.

Timesplitter14829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

DayZ is a complete trainwreck but I love it anyway and I always will. There's no other game like it.

Let's hope the new renderer and animation system fixes everything

DLConspiracy829d ago

I put in over 800 hours but I lost interest. I still had some really funny times.

freshslicepizza829d ago

after 800 hours most games would be susceptible to losing interest.

DLConspiracy829d ago


800 hours of dealing with bugs, diconnects, wipes, lag and severe performance issues over a couple years. You would hope and pray it would fix each 2 week patch. It never did. One good patch then one hell patch. On off and sometimes for long periods. It's been forever.

frostypants829d ago

Have they found a way to overcome the paltry max-player limit?

iNFAMOUZ1829d ago

yeah yeah, nothing but bulls***, so many promised things in the last years roadmap, only thing that changed was a few vehicles that are buggy as hell, and a couple of items, everything still runs like crap and it has zero replay value still other than pvp, and the zombies, are gone to upgrade, which has been over a month now, what a horror story, im not holding my breath, i just want the new renderer and the zombies, oh and the mod support, so modders can finish the game that the devs seem to know nothing about

OoglyBoogly829d ago

While I'd LIKE to give them the benefit of the doubt, it is still alpha/beta, but's been two years now. Didn't even take them that long to make the mod. Stuff like the upgraded renderer/engine where being talked about like a year ago and still nothing has happened. Last I played a few months back zombies could STILL run through everything and faith has been slowly but surely dwindling. Like you said, a lot of talk with seemingly very little walk.

TheBurger29829d ago

A dayz mod for arma 3 came out faster and was better than SA. The devs should seriously reconsider the entire SA game. Biggest joke of early access yet.

OoglyBoogly829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

Has it gotten any better yet though? I bought into the Early Access very early on (either the day of release or a day or two afterwards) and since playing it last at least a few months ago it felt like not a damn thing had changed. Still all the same performance issues, zombie issues, clipping and randomly dying issues, etc. Seriously, even the mod at this point was STILL a better game.

So yeah, it was just put on my shelf of "Games I'll play in a couple years time". Certainly had my fair share of fun with it for a while but the bugs and issues just became too great for me to feel comfortable playing it. Nothing worse then having a week or two old character fully maxed with nice ass gear only to lose them because you mysteriously clip through a wall 4 stories up or break your legs crawling on the ground. I've seriously had a door kill me in this game. That's ridiculous.

Breaking Point for ARMA 3 though is a blast! While it's not as deep and challenging as DayZ is it's certainly more problem free.

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The story is too old to be commented.