NEW: Crysis Wars - First Official Trailer

The first trailer for Crysis Wars, the multiplayer game that comes with Crysis Warhead. This trailer also contains gameplay footage.

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VictorCreed3476d ago

looks pretty fun. Wonder what kind of specs you need to run it smoothly online

TheIneffableBob3476d ago

I'm guessing they optimized the graphics a bit for the multiplayer. It won't look as nice, but it'll be smoother and therefore more fun. If you meet the recommended specs, you'll be able to play Warhead perfectly--it's less hardware-intensive than the first Crysis.

VictorCreed3476d ago

yea your right, i just took a look at the sys requirements that came out today and they are not bad. The multiplayer should definately be optimized as well

DaChinPin3476d ago

I hope it's just as good anyways...The graphics are just a bonus hopefully and not the whole game like the first...

El_Colombiano3476d ago

A very, very pretty Warhawk.

QQcrybaby3476d ago

I dunno man the first Crysis was really fun imo.